Electric Pool Covers

Many manual covers can be a bit heavy to work with and often require two people to put them in place. Therefore, some homeowners, with larger pools, chose to leave the pool uncovered until closing it down for the winter months. With electric pool covers, however, there is a better choice.

What are Electric Pool Covers?

Electric or automatic covers are operated electronically. The cover runs along special tracks built in under the coping or installed on the deck surface. With the press of a button or the simple turn of a key, the cover will roll out on the tracks or automatically retract. The cover seals the water, perfectly, to provide a secure layer of safety and keep debris out of the pool. The good news is that you won’t have to wear yourself out trying to move the cover.

Is an Electric Pool Cover Right for You?

The idea of an automated pool cover is certainly appealing, and they offer several important advantages. However, electric covers are not feasible for every pool. Below is some information you should know before making a decision on your automated cover.

Space for Tracks – If you have an existing pool, the automated cover will run on straight tracks installed on the surface of the pool deck. Whether your pool is perfectly straight or has a lovely freeform, the system will work as long as there is space along the pool deck for the parallel tracks. New pools can be designed so the tracks are under the coping. The covers work on one-level pools only, so they aren’t a good choice if your pool has multiple levels.

Initial Expense – The price of Electric covers usually start above $5,000 so they won’t fit into every budget. Before deciding, however, that the initial investment is simply too high, one should consider the ways that a pool cover saves you money.

Save on Chemicals and Water – Evaporation is a problem for most pool owners. Not only do you have to continually add water to the pool, but the chemicals also evaporate. With a pool cover, evaporation is less of a problem. By keeping the pool covered when not in use, you will spend less money on fresh water, chemicals, heat and overall maintenance.

Save Time Cleaning – It’s frustrating to get in the pool and find yourself surrounded by bugs, leaves and pollen. With automated covers, you can trust that your pool will be clean and beautiful every time you go for a swim. You won’t have to spend as much time cleaning the pool, and you’ll go through fewer chemicals by keeping the pool clean throughout the season.

More Effective Heating – Pools naturally warm up during the day, but they can cool down drastically at night. With an automated cover, you can take advantage of the sun’s natural warming. Rays will pass through the cover during the day to warm the pool by 10 to 15 degrees, and the cover will prevent up to 90 percent of the heat loss overnight. Whether you use a separate heater or not, your pool will stay warmer when you use the cover. If you do have a heater, you will find that your pool stays warmer throughout the season while requiring less energy from the heater.

Priceless Safety – You cannot put a price on safety, and automated pool covers keep your pool secure. Children under the age of five are at the highest risk for drowning, but they will be protected when you have a cover. Attached securely to the pool deck on all sides, most covers are strong enough to support the weight of several adults.

Automatic Water Removal – Water from the rain or snow can build up on your cover and weigh it down.Many systems feature pumps that automatically remove water to preserve the cover and extend its life.

There are many advantages to choosing an electric pool cover. They are designed to give you many years of easy use. They are available in several different colors to suit your individual style and décor. You will save time on pool maintenance and you’ll save money on heating and chemicals. With the turn of a key you’ll have a safe secure barrier and be assured of a fresh, clean pool each time you’re ready to swim.

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