Hard Pool Covers

What is a platform pool cover?

A platform pool cover is a hard pool cover that will make your special event truly unforgettable. Everyone has their party or wedding catered, a chocolate fountain has been done a thousand times, bands and deejays are a dime a dozen…but a glowing transparent custom dance floor where your pool used to be, that is what makes your event a once in a lifetime party.

Can I rent a platform pool cover?

Yes, you can rent a platform pool cover. They are available as a one-time rental in the greater Southern California area extending as far north as Santa Barbara down to San Diego from the Coast to as far east as Palm Springs. However, should you wish to own a system, they can be purchased (see below). Rentals are professionally installed a few days prior to your event and removed a day or two after. Rentals are customized to fit the pool over which they are being installed. Every platform pool cover rental we install is carefully planned and designed to meet the requests and options each renter has chosen. Read more about “One-Time” Rentals

What do they cost to rent?

The range to rent a Platform pool cover for your event will average between $7,000 to $20,000 for residential and $10,000 to $30,000 for commercial or hotel locations, depending on the pool and your desired options. In some circumstances the cover can exceed $20,000 depending on the specific situation. Some variables that will bring up the rental cost include material options, pool size, pool access, pool features and lead time for the event.

Can I purchase a platform cover?

Platform pool covers can be purchased. However, this would normally be for commercial purposes or a residence that holds many special events. A Platform Pool Cover purchased from All-Safe will be custom engineered to your pool and All-Safe will train your staff on how to install the cover for your events. This is NOT a cover that can be used for everyday pool use or safety. These covers are labor intensive to take off and on and designed to be installed for events to create a dance floor or gathering space regardless of whether they are rented or purchased. Average purchase costs are $40,000 to $80,000+.

Can every pool have a cover?

All-Safe’s exclusive and unique Platform Pool Cover systems can be installed on pools with elevation changes and odd shapes. Some pool features can make it more difficult and costly to rent a Platform Pool Cover (e.g., rock formations, slides, infinity pool edges, and other unique characteristics). However, we have been able to overcome many of the challenges created by these features. It is safe to say almost every pool can have at minimum, a partial Platform Pool Cover. Once you contact us, we can advise you if your pool is a candidate for a Platform Pool Cover.

What options are there?

  • Hardwood – A full hardwood Platform Pool Cover will transform your pool into a unique and classic looking dance floor. This option is often used when space is needed for the event and will completely cover the pool. However, you will not be able to see through the cover into the pool.
  • Acrylic – The full acrylic floor is the option to choose if you really want to make your guests’ jaws drop. This is the option that transforms your pool into that glowing see-through dance floor or gathering area that most of our customers are looking for.
  • Opaque Acrylic – This option is very similar to the standard acrylic but is sandblasted to create a more “matte” finish. The result is simply amazing and less slick than the standard acrylic if liquid is spilled onto the surface.
  • Floating, partial or bridge – These options are available for both effect and function. Each of them will give your Platform Pool Cover a very unique, cool look and feel. They are sometimes used to cover a pool that may have difficult areas where supports cannot be secured. Floating, partials or bridges are also options if you do not wish to completely cover the pool.

Other custom options are available. Please contact our office directly to learn about other options that may be available for your pool.

Can All-Safe’s Platform Pool Covers be self installed?

A complete self-install of the Platform Pool Cover is not possible as it takes a team of trained professionals to install and remove the cover. There may be parts of the job that can be handled by the homeowner or event staff. Your All-Safe estimator will be able to advise you of what parts of the job must be completed by All-Safe staff.

How much weight will it hold?

All-Safe’s Platform Pool Covers are engineered to exceed residential and commercial building load bearing standards and the standard plan is approved by the Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety. The trusses are made from 1¼” square steel tube cord and ¾” square steel tube webs that are welded by an LADBS qualified fabricator. Our standard residential configuration supports 40 pounds live load per square foot and commercial configuration supports 100 pounds live load per square foot. This means the cover placed on a 35’ x 15’ pool will support 21,000 lbs with the residential configuration and 52,500 lbs with the commercial configuration. In simple terms they are built on your pool to be just as strong as a floor on a second story building.

In what area can I rent one?

All-Safe rents and installs Platform Pool Covers in the greater Southern California area extending as far north as Santa Barbara down to San Diego from the Coast to as far east as Palm Springs.

At this time, we do not install or offer Platform Pool Cover rentals outside of these areas.

How do I rent one?

The first step is to contact All-Safe at 800-786-8110 or email: marsh@allsafepool.com. Rental estimates can be provided if you submit photos of the pool along with pool size, event date and location information. Once this information has been submitted to our office, we will then be able to review your pool photos, find out what you are looking for, go over budgets, discuss your options and provide an estimated cost.

As soon as you are ready to move forward with the cover, an on-site visit is scheduled, final measurements are taken, a finalized quote is provided and proper paperwork will be sent to you for completion. A custom engineered plan will be designed for your specific pool. We will review the plans and confirm so we are all on the same page for your event.

What is the rental installation process?

All-Safe’s professional installers arrive between 7-8 a.m. on a scheduled date a few days prior to your event and the process starts with unloading and moving the material into your pool area. Materials are placed onto protective barriers so that your deck and/or pool is not damaged during installation or removal of the cover.

The structure starts with 10” expandable galvanized steel trusses that are spaced approximately 20” apart and connected by steel stabilizers.. The coping plates that secure trusses to the edge of the pool are padded steel so the Platform Pool cover does not damage your pool coping. Wood beams covered in carpet for a finished look are placed across the trusses. Then the All-Safe team adds your chosen floor surface. Once this is complete, the cover is completely cleaned and your event is ready to begin!

Do I need additional lighting?

It is always a good idea to add a lighting professional to your event budget. The covers on their own are so unique that your guests will be blown away when they see your Platform Pool Cover. However, to maximize the beauty and truly get that WOW factor of the Platform Pool Cover, proper lighting for both under and over the cover can make all the difference in the world.

What is your track record?

We have never missed a deadline or had a customer express dissatisfaction with the cover or our team.

Watch a customer testimonial to learn more benefits of using an All-Safe® “One-Time” Rental.

Does All-Safe have insurance?

Yes, we have insurance coverage for our rentals. We are also licensed and bonded.

Are there other types of hard pool covers?

Do we have Hard Pool Covers is one of the most common questions we get. The Platform Pool Cover is the only cover that would be described as “hard”. Below are the other covers All-Safe offers for purchase that will provide safety and debris protection for your pool. These other options are not for one-time rentals and would be purchased for long term use.

  • Mesh Safety Cover or Winter Covers: When people see photos of the mesh Safety Cover or Winter Cover they commonly mistake them for a hard pool cover. They are a tightly woven mesh cover with straps that are very solid and tight across the pool so they have the appearance of a hard pool cover. Since they are mesh covers, if enough weight is applied the cover will deflect and water will seep through.
  • Pool Safety Nets: These are the most commonly used cover when safety is the only concern. They are lightweight and can be installed on almost any pool, spa or water feature.
  • Leaf or Debris Cover: The lightweight leaf cover is used in combination with the net to provide safety and debris protection or by itself when safety is not a concern. When installed without the net they are not ASTM compliant safety covers.
  • Automatic Pool Covers: These covers are sometimes mistaken for a hard cover as well, but the fabric actually rests on the surface of the water. These covers are very convenient and easy to use for a family who is looking for safety, debris protection, heating and maintenance costs savings. However, they are restrictive on what pool can have them and are the most expensive cover All-Safe offers for day to day pool use.
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