Pool Covers

All-Safe provides the largest selection of pool covers in the nation. There are several types of pool covers and each has different advantages and primary uses. Some pool covers are designed to be used as a safety barrier and some are used to reduce pool maintenance and expense. Some covers can be used for pool safety and for maintenance. Whatever your needs, All-Safe has your pool cover solution.

Mesh Pool Cover:

The featured All-Safe pool safety cover is also called a mesh pool cover as the material is made from mesh. The Mesh pool cover is designed for safety as well as for maintenance. The mesh is made of a woven mesh fabric. The cover is held tightly in place with springs and straps that attach to anchors in the deck.

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Automatic Pool Cover:

Automatic Pool Covers (Electric Pool Covers) operate electronically with the simple turn of a key. They are an ideal and convenient solution for both pool safety and pool maintenance but not feasible for all pools. Since the cover runs on a parallel track system, the deck must be all one level.

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Leaf Pool Cover:

A Leaf Pool Cover is a lightweight fabric cover that is installed directly over a Pool Safety Net to keep leaves and debris out of your pool. It is designed strictly to assist in pool maintenance and is not safety cover. It is not strong enough to be walked on and should not be used without a Pool Safety Net being installed under it.

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Hard Pool Covers:

All-Safe offers a variety of Hard Pool Covers. Hard covers will convert an area currently occupied by a swimming pool into a space usable for Dancing, Dining, Seating, Mingling or Display. Whether you are looking to Rent, Purchase, DIY or Permanently cover a empty pool, we have the solution for you.

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