Pool Gates

What are Pool Gates?

Protect young children and family pets by investing in quality pool gates. Creating a secure barrier around the pool prevents infants and toddlers and even adults from falling into the water. They provide you with excellent control over who has access to the water. Invest in versatile pool gates to keep your pool properly secured.

Pool gates connect to stable fences surrounding the pool. All-Safe offers versatile fencing that can be removed for special occasions, but most people will keep the fencing in place the majority of the time. Gates provide you with convenient access while maintaining superior security levels around the pool. Self-closing, easy to use, gates can be locked with a key to deter even older kids from enjoying the pool without permission.

Is a Pool Gate the Right Choice for Your Pool?

There are several options available for protecting your pool. Covers keep the water clean and are available in manual and automatic options. Nets are another security measure that are very effective at preventing accidents. Fences offer a convenient solution for families who use the pool frequently.

Pool fences help prevent children and animals from gaining entry to the pool. They are climb resistant and are an excellent safety choice. Pool gates which will provide you with access to the pool will be included in the design layout of your fence. Self closing gates or manual openings can be positioned to give you the most convenient access to your pool. Removable fences with manual or self closing gates offer many benefits.

  • Fences are removable, so they can be taken down, if necessary, and rolled for compact storage. The entire fence, or sections of the fence can be temporarily removed for periods of time when greater access to the pool area is desired.
  • The mesh goes almost to the pool deck and the fence panels fit closely together to prevent animals from crawling under or through the fence to get to the water.
  • The self closing gates are designed to close and latch behind you so you have less worry about the gate being accidently left open. All-Safe recommends checking the gate regularly to be sure it is functioning properly. Periodic adjustments to alignment and tension may be necessary for proper closure.
  • Key lockable gates allow you to keep children of all ages from using the pool gate when the pool area is closed.
  • Fences provide a secure barrier that can remain in place, while allowing quick and easy access for spontaneous use of the pool area with family and friends.

How All-Safe Pool Gates are Superior

Several companies sell pool fences and pool gates, but not all companies or products are equal. All-Safe offers unique, customizable fences and gates that are designed to maximize safety while maintaining ease of pool use. The benefits of All-Safe products go beyond their unique and versatile fence designs.

  • We offer self-closing, self latching, key lockable gates for greater security. These gate should never be propped open and should be inspected regularly to maintain proper operation. By installing a self closing gate, you will have taken a major step towards safeguarding your child and enhancing your peace of mind. It’s important to remember there is no substitute for adult supervision when it comes to child safety.
  • All-Safe gates and fences feature, strong, durable, climb resistant, see-through mesh . There are no hand or footholds that little ones can use for climbing. Pool fences with locked gates will keep little ones safely away from unattended pools.
  • In addition to self closing gates, All-Safe offers manual gate openings in customized sizes. Entire or partial sections of the fence can be opened and rolled back to create convenient access. This is a good option for times you may have several people coming in and out of the pool at one time. All-Safe special EZ-Close handles will assist you in pulling the poles back together when securing the pool. This style of gate will remain open until you unroll it to close and latch it.
  • Color choices to blend in with or accent your landscaping and and pool area are available from All-Safe. Black, brown, green and tan are offered in our powder coated pole paint color and in our long lasting, transparent mesh fabrics.

Protecting your children by securing your pool is vital. Your family is depending on you. All-Safe fences are available in different colors, heights and styles and will be customized to provide the safest layout possible while allowing you maximum use of your backyard space. Protect your family and avoid accidents by investing in quality fences and gates for your pool.

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