Pool Nets

What are Pool Nets?

A pool net is a unique type of safety cover used to protect small children. It stretches tightly over a pool or spa to form a secure isolation barrier and can be installed or removed in minutes by one adult. Pool nets are typically made of polyethylene rope tied into a blanket of open squares. Clips attached to the net hook into anchors surrounding the pool to hold the net securely in place.

Pool nets offer a solution to preventing infants and toddlers from entering the pool water unseen or unheard. A pool safety net provides a safe, secure barrier while maximizing the available backyard space and preserving the view and ambience of the swimming pool area. For over three decades the swimming pool safety net has been in use with hundreds of thousands installed worldwide.

The small squares are too small for a child’s head or body to fit through and too large to allow them to walk, play, jump or stabilize themselves upon. One adult can remove or replace a typical swimming pool safety net in just a few minutes. A series of pulleys is built into the center of the pool safety net. By loosening the pulley rope, the tension is released and the pool safety net is easily removed. Just unhook the clips and roll the pool safety net onto the portable roller. Simply reverse this process to place the pool safety net back onto the pool.

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How it works

The pool net cover stretches tightly across the pool, above the water, and prevents unwanted access by infants, toddlers and young children. The safety pool net utilizes custom hooks and flush brass anchors in the deck to secure the net. A central tensioning system, which utilizes an EZ-Ratchet, or an optional Titan Tool, is used to tighten and release the pool net. The swimming pool net rolls easily onto a lightweight roller and is easy for one adult to remove or secure. The pool net roller, which includes wheels, provides for convenient storage of the swimming pool net.

The squares of the pool net are too small for a child’s head or body to fit through and are too large to allow them to jump or play on the pool net. If a child accidentally falls or attempts to crawl onto the safety pool net, the child’s arms or legs go through the net squares. This prevents them from advancing further onto the net. The child will typically cry or make other sounds to indicate their distress and the adult guardian can then go to their aid. As with all safety barriers the net is only to be used as deterrent and the child should never be left alone near the pool.

Why Choose an All-Safe Pool Net?

Safety, selection, savings and service are among the many reasons to put your confidence in All-Safe®. Safety is our number one concern and our swimming pool safety net products have been developed and tested to meet standards that will provide you with only the highest quality. The All-Safe® pool safety net comes in a selection of styles and strengths with features that are unavailable elsewhere.

Our All-Safe® Ratchet and core-drilled anchors are among our unique features. Your swimming pool safety net will be installed by trained professionals and will come with an industry-leading warranty. You have made a responsible decision in purchasing a safety barrier and a wise decision in choosing All-Safe®.

Materials & Dimensions

Netting material

Netting material
  • 4mm or 5mm high density virgin polyethylene
  • 3½ square openings
  • 4% UV inhibitor
  • heat stented, machine tied knots
  • 500 denier monofilament twine
  • double wrapped border
  • custom width, length and shape
Colors Options
Pool Nets in Black

Pool Nets in Black

Pool Nets in Brown

Pool Nets in Brown

Pool Nets in Blue

Pool Nets in Blue

Pool Nets in Tan

Pool Nets in Tan

Anchoring Hardware

Anchoring Hardware
  • ¾” countersunk brass anchors spaced approximately 24-30 inches apart
  • tangle-resistant stainless steel clips
  • stainless steel pad eyes and carabiners
  • threaded brass anchors and round loop clips

Tensioning System

Tensioning System

Roller Mechanism

Roller Mechanism
  • 1¼” furniture grade pvc pipe
  • 1½” rigid rubber wheels

Mesh safety pool covers are a desirable option in pool safety today. Mesh swimming pool covers provide advantages over other safety barriers and All-Safe® covers have many advantages over other brands and types of pool safety covers.

All-Safe Other Brands
Industry’s Largest selection Yes No
Strongest & thickest netting material (choice of 4mm or 5mm) Yes No
Longest lasting material (4% UV inhibitor) Yes No
Four color options (brown, black, blue & tan) Yes No
Most powerful Tensioning Device (Titan Tool) Yes No
Spiral wrap protection (color coordinated) Yes No
Pad-eye wall anchors (stainless steel) Yes No
Roller Mechanism with Casters Yes No
Double wrapped perimeter edge Yes Some
Machine tied, heat-stented knots Yes Some
3½” square openings Yes Some
Flush-fit brass anchors (key-hole) Yes Some
Tangle-resistant stainless steel clips (conehead design) Yes Some
Polyester Tensioning Cord Yes Some
Exceeds applicable ASTM Standards Yes Some
Over 20 Years in Business Yes Some
Diamond core-drilled anchor holes Yes Some

The installation process of pool netting begins with the layout. After a careful review of the pool area, the pool deck is marked for drilling. ¾” holes are drilled approximately every 28 inches. These holes are drilled with a water-cooled core drill utilizing a diamond tipped core bit. The resulting holes are very precise. Flush-mounted pool net brass anchors are placed into these holes which hold and support the pool safety net.

After the anchors have been installed, the pool netting is stretched tightly across the pool. Stainless steel clips are attached to the netting and these clips then attach to the flush anchors. After the pool net has been pulled tight, the net is cut to the same shape as the pool. The perimeter of the swimming pool netting is then wrapped twice to create a border.

Once the wrapping of the border is complete, the central tensioning cord anchors are installed. The central tensioning system is then used to create tension or relax the tension of the pool netting material. Smaller net pool covers utilize a round loop tool to remove and replace the pool netting.

Finally, a removable swimming pool net roller is installed so that the pool netting can be rolled up and stored for future use.

Color Options – All-Safe’s pool net cover is offered in four different colors to compliment the ambiance of your backyard, providing you not only with safety and peace of mind but a beautiful product as well.

Pool Nets in Black

Pool Nets in Black

Pool Nets in Brown

Pool Nets in Brown

Pool Nets in Blue

Pool Nets in Blue

Pool Nets in Tan

Pool Nets in Tan

EZ Ratchet – All-Safe® offer an EZ-Ratchet option which simplifies the pool net tensioning. The pool net EZ-Ratchet has made pool nets a popular choice in swimming pool covers. See image.

Flush Brass Anchors – All-Safe® pool nets utilize flush brass anchors to secure the net to the deck. See image.

Roller Mechanism – An All-Safe® pool net rolls easily onto a lightweight pool net roller, which allows for easy pool access. Pool net rollers include wheels for convenient storage of the pool net. See image.

Round Loop Tool – While a central tensioning system is one option available to apply and remove net pool covers, another solution is the Round Loop Tool. See image

Generally used in conjunction with smaller net pool covers, the Round Loop Tool is extremely easy to use, as it eliminates the need for a mechanical system to control the tensioning of the pool net.

Strong Net MaterialAll-Safe® pool nets are made from a UV-stabilized, virgin polyethylene, pool net material capable of supporting several hundred pounds, making pool safety nets an excellent safety choice to secure your swimming pool. See image.

Tensioning System -An All-Safe® swimming pool net can be controlled by a Central Tensioning System. This system tightens the pool net and releases the pool net. An optional Titan Tool is used to assist in operating the central tensioning system. See image.

This brief video demonstrates how to put an All-Safe® pool safety net onto your swimming pool utilizing our central tensioning system.

Titan Tool -The All-Safe® Titan Tool is used in conjunction with the central tensioning system to apply and remove the net pool cover. The Titan Tool is a hand-cranked, winch-style device that simplifies the operation of the net pool cover, and is offered in two sizes. The hand crank assures ease of use. The Titan Tool can be easily retrofitted to accommodate pools with an existing net pool cover.

The small Titan Tool is 21″ inches tall and is operated from a kneeling position.

The large Titan Tool is 31″ tall and allows the user to operate from a standing position.

What are the advantages of Swimming Pool Safety Nets?

All-Safe® swimming pool safety nets allow for an unobstructed view of your pool as they guard against unwanted access by people or pets. Peace of mind is enhanced by your ability to clearly see the bottom of the pool at all times. Pool safety nets fit tightly above the water and even the smallest toddler cannot crawl under them. Swimming pool nets provide an excellent barrier for small or confined areas. Finding a cover for uniquely shaped pools with rocks, waterfalls, raised planters, etc, can often be prohibitive, but they usually pose no problem for pool nets. The net pool cover’s squares are too small for a child’s head or body to fit through but are too large to allow them to jump or play on the net pool cover.

A swimming pool net has several advantages over pool fences. Children cannot climb over or under a net pool cover like they may be able to with some fences. If unwanted pool entry by older children who may be able to gain access even though a fence is in place is a concern, a pool net can be a viable solution. The pool safety net requires the use of a special tool to open and release the net pool cover. Parent-controlled access to this tool means controlled access to the pool area.

Operating a swimming pool net is easy. A swimming pool net can be removed in about 5 minutes and replaced in 5 to 10 minutes. Mesh covers can take as much as 30 minutes or more to remove and replace. And a pool net is lightweight and easy to store.

Will a Swimming Pool Safety Net work on my pool?

All-Safe® swimming pool safety nets are perfect for standard or freeform-shaped pools as well as for unique and unusual pools with waterfalls, natural or man-made boulders, raised spa or planter areas, etc. If there is a place for the net pool cover anchors to be installed properly, a net pool cover can be used to secure your pool or spa. All-Safe® also offers other types of pool covers.

How will a Pool Net affect my pool use?

Most pool safety nets can be removed in 3 to 6 minutes and can be replaced in 5 to 10 minutes. Pools with complex elevation changes and elaborate rockscapes will require a little extra time for removal and replacement of the net pool cover. Our roller system makes it easy to get the net pool cover out of your way when not in use or to unroll it quickly when the safety barrier is desired. Pool safety nets should always be put back on your pool when the pool is not in use.

Will a Swimming Pool Safety Net impact the aesthetics of my pool area?

The All-Safe® net pool cover will barely be visible as you look across your pool area. The net’s low profile leaves views across the pool and yard virtually uninterrupted. The ambiance of sparkling pool water or the romantic glow of pool lighting is unaffected by the net pool cover.

Will holes have to be drilled in my deck?

Yes, flush-mounted net anchors are installed in small ¾ inch holes in the concrete surrounding your pool. A diamond-tipped bit is used for drilling to prevent damage to the surrounding material. Surface-mounted anchors are an option that requires drilling holes that are even smaller in size.

How strong are Swimming Pool Safety Nets?

Chlorine or other harsh pool chemicals do not affect the net’s strong polyethylene braid. All-Safe® pool safety nets have been treated with ultraviolet inhibitors to prevent damage by the sun. The stainless steel clips will not corrode or rust. You’ll get many years of satisfaction using this swimming pool enclosure, which comes with a 5-year warranty.

Will a Pool Safety Net satisfy regulatory agency requirements?

All-Safe® pool safety nets are designed and manufactured to the strictest safety guidelines. A specific swimming pool enclosure can be required by certain governmental and social service agencies. If you plan to adopt a child, open a daycare or become a foster parent, you should contact the agency you are working with. They will be able to tell you which swimming pool enclosure and specifications will be in compliance. Your local building department can determine which type of swimming pool enclosure will fulfill requirements for new construction. Unfortunately, All-Safe® can make no determination or guarantee as to the suitability of its barriers for purposes of satisfying the requirements of any specific jurisdiction.

How long will it take to get a Pool Safety Net?

Your All-Safe® net pool cover will be customized, on site, to perfectly fit your pool to provide maximum security and peace of mind. Since we stock a large inventory of sizes and colors, you can expect to have your All-Safe net pool cover in place within a few days of approving an installation order. Just call us for your free consultation and estimate.

Where can existing customers buy replacement parts for a Pool Safety Net?

All-Safe® offers replacement parts for pool safety nets which can be purchased online.