Vinyl Pool Covers

What are Vinyl Pool Covers?

Vinyl pool covers have been in use for several decades to help prevent drowning. While there is no substitute for adult supervision, All-Safe® vinyl pool covers completely cover the water surface when closed, guarding against unwanted access to the pool by children who may have temporarily wandered from sight. Other benefits include reduced need for cleaning, heat retention, and less wear and tear on pool filtration systems. Our vinyl pool covers allow you to enjoy your pool and spend less time maintaining it. You can be assured that our covers will provide years of hassle-free operation.

All-Safe® automatic vinyl pool covers feature a powerful waterproof motor, touchpad and wireless touchpad controls, drive systems that require little to no maintenance, and a strong fabric that is easy to clean and withstands fading. And our covers are offered in a variety of colors.

Vinyl Pool Cover Gallery

Is a Vinyl Pool Cover Right for You?

An All-Safe® vinyl pool cover is a desirable choice in pool safety today. A vinyl pool cover has many advantages over other safety barriers and All-Safe® has a vinyl pool cover that has many advantages over competitive brands.

Automatic is the most desirable feature of a vinyl pool cover. With the turn of a key, the pool cover slides over the pool providing a secure barrier for safety. In addition, the vinyl pool cover seals out leaves and debris, keeping your pool sparkling clean. Evaporation is eliminated with the use of a vinyl pool cover and heat loss is reduced. A vinyl pool cover insulates the pool and helps it retain heat that has been absorbed by the sun’s rays during the day.

The automatic vinyl pool cover is offered in a variety of colors to harmonize with or accent the decor of your exterior and landscape. Both safety and maintenance can be addressed with the vinyl pool cover. However, not all pools are designed to accommodate a vinyl pool cover. A vinyl pool cover is best suited to simply-shaped, single-level deck pools.

This type of pool cover is also available in a non-automatic version called a manual pool cover. Although the pool cover is not automatic, the key advantage is that the shape of the pool cover does not need to be rectangular, allowing the pool cover to be used on a greater variety of pool shapes.